Tipping and Donations

Tipping is not customary in Myanmar however tourism has introduced this concept to the country. Airport porters will expect a tip and in hotels, staff such as bellboys and waiters may be used to being tipped by foreign visitors. Your tour guide and driver may also be accustomed to receiving a tip when they bid you farewell. Myanmar does however, have a concept known as ‘tea money’. If somebody offers, for instance, to guide you through a market, or find the key-holder at a remote temple, they may be hoping for a little tea money for their service. Mr Myanmar Travel suggests that you keep some small denomination Kyat notes (K200, K500) to offer in these situations.

Donations may be requested at some Pagodas and other sites. It is your choice to make a donation or not. Local Myanmar people tend to be as generous as their finances allow when making donations to Pagodas and Monasteries.

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