Post and Communications

The postal service in Myanmar can be unreliable, so we do not recommend posting anything of value. If you wish to buy an item in Myanmar that requires shipping to your home country, we would suggest that you make your purchase with a well-known and reliable company and ask them to arrange shipping for you. The telephone service in Myanmar is not of a high standard. Whilst local calls are reasonably priced, international calls can be expensive. International calls can be made from IDD phones at hotels and telephone offices and payment will be requested in US Dollars. International roaming is not possible in Myanmar. Pre-paid SIM cards are available to purchase in some hotels and supermarkets (starting from US$20) but may not work in foreign-registered mobile phones. To call Myanmar from overseas, the international country code is (95).

Internet cafes are common in Yangon and are becoming increasingly common elsewhere, and prices are very reasonable. Internet services are also commonly available at hotels. The internet connection is usually slower than in most developed countries. Gmail is the most commonly used email service; Gaining access to Hotmail, Yahoo and Facebook accounts can sometimes be difficult. Most internet cafes can help you make overseas phone calls via services such as Skype, Gtalk and Pfingo at reasonable prices.

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