Packing List

Everybody has their own ideas about what to pack for a holiday. Here are a few hints, based on questions we have been asked before, regarding packing for a trip to Myanmar.

Myanmar is a hot, tropical country so we recommend that you wear cool, light-coloured cotton clothing. During your trip you will doubtless be visiting pagodas and monasteries. When visiting such places, you should wear long trousers (or skirt or dress), and a shirt (or T-shirt, blouse, top or dress) that covers the shoulders. You will also be required to go barefoot within such places, as well as in any local homes you are invited to. We recommend that you bring sandals or slip-on shoes for these occasions. If you are trekking, we suggest that you bring some strong walking shoes that support the ankles. If you are travelling in the hills in the cooler winter season (Inle Lake, Kalaw, Kengtung etc.) you will need some warmer clothing such as a jacket or thick fleece for cold evenings.

You will probably need to take precautions against the hot sun. We suggest bringing high-factor sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat and maybe an umbrella (portable shade!). That umbrella is, of course, a good idea if you are visiting during the green season. To protect yourself against mosquitoes and biting insects, bring some insect repellent along with you.
If you have any favourite brands of toiletries, you should bring them with you as they may not be available locally. You should also bring any prescription medication from home as well, along with the prescription itself or a note from your doctor. We suggest that you bring a small medical kit containing such items as oral rehydration mixture, diarrhoea tablets and perhaps a general antibiotic. If you are travelling to an area where malaria is present you should obtain your prophylaxis in your home country and begin your course of tablets before you arrive. Sanitary pads are available from supermarkets in Myanmar but you should bring tampons with you.

Lastly, remember to bring any cables, memory cards, batteries or other accessories that you may need for your camera, iPod, laptop or any other electronic device as there is a very limited choice of such items available in Myanmar. Bring a strong, waterproof bag to carry your valuable items in and a universal adapter and surge protector so that you can recharge your equipment safely. We also suggest that you bring a quality torch (flashlight) for exploring caves and ancient pagodas, as well as for finding your way home at night!

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