Myanmar Cycling Tours recommends that travellers follow the usual health precautions common to all tropical countries. Drink, and brush your teeth with bottled water. Ice available from higher standard hotels is usually made with boiled water and is safe but we recommend avoiding the ice supplied by some street side restaurants. Avoid eating raw vegetables and fruit that you cannot cut or peel yourself.

Take precautions against the strong tropical sun. We recommend using a high factor sunscreen and perhaps wearing a hat. We recommend that you bring sunscreen with you as high quality products may not be available locally. Many local women carry an umbrella to provide shade from the midday sun. Guard against insect bites by covering your legs in the evening and using insect repellent.

If you are taking prescription medication you should bring an adequate supply with you to last your trip as you may not be able to buy the same medication locally. If you are travelling to a malarial area you should commence your course of anti-malarial tablets before you arrive. A yellow certificate will only be requested if you arriving from an infected country.

Should you fall ill in Myanmar we recommend that you contact your travel insurance company immediately for assistance. The most recommended health clinic in Myanmar is the International SOS Clinic at the Inya Lake Hotel, Yangon; telephone number: (01) 667 879.

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