Food and Drink

One of the great delights of travelling in Myanmar is sampling the local cuisine. A typical meal as served in a local home or rice shop would consist of a plate of T’amin (rice), the basis of most meals along with a curry or two (usually not spicy), soup (often sour) accompanied by a plate of raw and / or blanched vegetables and various condiments. One of our favourite restaurants in Bagan boasts a table of more than 20 different curries and condiments from which to choose. Some of our favourite dishes include:

Shan Noodles – often topped with chicken.
Butterfish Curry – made with a local freshwater fish.
Lahpet – Pickled tealeaves served with fried nuts and beans.
Kachin Fish – steamed in herbs.
And Mr Myanmar’s personal favourite, Mohinga, which I would happily eat three times a day!

Chinese and Indian cuisine is also easy to find in Myanmar and quality western food can be obtained in most main towns and resorts. There are also high quality Korean and Japanese restaurants in Yangon. Vegetarian dishes appear on most menus so keeping to a meat-free diet should not present any problems. Food is generally cheap when bought from local restaurants – a full meal would cost only 1,500 – 4,000 kyats.

Teashops are a Myanmar institution; they seem to be everywhere! Tea is served milky, hot and sweet and chased with glasses of Chinese-style weak green tea. Teashops are also a great place to snack and meet local people. In Yangon, bakeries are the latest craze. Our favourite chain, Ice Berry makes some of the tastiest doughnuts we’ve tried anywhere – for only 300 Kyat. Some bakeries double as restaurants, even bars and are the standard place for young Myanmar men to take their girlfriends on a date.

Locally produced Myanmar Beer has won 13 international gold medals in recent years and is acclaimed as one of the best beers in Asia. A glass of draught beer in a local bar costs only around 500 Kyat. Myanmar produces its own wine from vineyards in Shan State and the Strawberry wine is also worth seeking out. High quality coffee is now available in Myanmar though teashops generally serve instant. Brand name soft drinks such as Coca Cola are available in main towns and locally produced carbonated drinks are cheap and available everywhere

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